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Multi-functional teslameter

PG-5A Multi-functional teslameterSummaryOur PG-5A multifunctional teslameter adopting favorable linearity Hall elements as its measuring probe and class 0.5 met

PG-5A Multi-functional teslameter


Our PG-5A multifunctional teslameter adopting favorable linearity Hall elements as its measuring probe and class 0.5 meter as its outputting display, it has 10 ranges for linear scale, i.e.5mT, 10mT, 20mT, 50mT, 100mT, 200mT, 500mT, 1T, 2T, 5T, the accuracy for the medium field is better than 1.5%(full scale)

Main technical data

  • Max. measuring range:
  • 5T
  • Max. resolution:
  • 0.05 mT(0.5Gs)
  • Accuracy:
  • (20 mT~1T)=1.5%,(10 mT,2T)2.5%
  • Our multifunctional teslameter can be calibrated in accordance with requirements of different probes, each instrument can be equipped with more than one probes, upon dispatching from factory, it will be equipped with two probes:
  • 1.Ordinary probe: 5mm×1mm
  • 2.Super-thin probe, 0.8mm×0.3mm-Specially for measuring on magnetic gap.
  • Equipped with analogue output terminal, with an output of 1mV/ mT.
  • 1.By inputting digital meter with DC voltage measuring range, then this multifunctional teslameter will be a digital teslameter;
  • 2.By connecting with digital meter with AC voltage measuring range or AC milli-voltage meter, then it will be an AC digital teslameter
  • 3.By connecting with oscillograph or function logging device, it will be able to observe changes of magnetic fields and draw field distribution curves.
  • The PG-5A multifunctional teslameter has function of comparing the B value, with buzzing point set, it can obtain the B value and preset B for the measured material, once the real B value is higher than preset B, then it will buzz. It can be used as a fast B comparator for hard magnetic material(permanent magnetic material), quite suitable for industry application where large quantity of magnetic materials and components need to be sorted out and inspected.
  • Inside is equipped with full scale alarm, the reverse field or signal amplitude circuit exceeding the measuring range is allowed to be use within the pulse magnetic field.
  • The multifunctional teslameter is mainly used to measure on the magnetic gap for speaker and other magnets.