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Ferrite magnet

Flexible Rubber Magnet

Fridge magnet

Magnetic Powder

Magnetic compound

Injection bonded ferrite magnets

Rubber NdFeB Magnet

Producing machine

Testing device

  1. Tesla Meter & Fluxmeter
  2. SG-41/42/43 Digital tesla meter
  3. SG-3-A/B Portable Tesla Meter
  4. SG-4L High Sensitive Tesla Meter
  5. YJT-100 hand-hold Digital Teslameter
  6. PG-5A Multi-functional teslameter
  7. Power Signal Generator & Power Meter
  8. Multicenter Digital Tesla Meter
  9. Standard magnetic field calibrating device
  10. Lectotype Diagram for SHT Series Telsameter
  11. Direct Current Magnetic Characteristic Measure Apparatus
  12. Automatic hysterigraph model AMT-4 test system
  13. Loudhailer three parameters testing meter
  14. Digital electro-acoustic power service life testing platform
  15. 3D measuring meter of the distribution of the magnetic fields
  16. Digital image surface measuring instrument for production inspection


  1. NCD series (NCD I / NCD II / NCD III / NCD IV / NCD V)
  2. YX Magnetizing Power (YX I / YX II / YX III / YX IV)
  3. MC series
  4. MCG series
  5. DCL series permanent electromagnetic magnetizer
  6. Introduction to magnetizing fixture/coil
  7. Introduction to magnetizer -XY Series
  8. Emulational ear
  9. MD-15/**Series powerful pulse Magnetizer
  10. Magnetizing coil, fixture, board

Market Analysis

  1. Perspective market for the bonded hard ferrite
  2. Speaker ring low price and thin margin
  3. Bonded rigid china made powder and compound
  4. Bonded flex-an important resource
  5. High performance ferrite magnet mass production technology
  6. Sintered multipole ferrite ring magnet research and production
  7. Research on strontium ferrite ion exchange
  8. Discussion on high performance ferrite magnet production technology
  9. High quality permanent ferrite motor arc production and research
  10. Permanent ferrite magnet coercivity advancing way
  11. Permanent ferrite magnet production technology innovation
  12. High Br permanent ferrite magnetic material production research
  13. High precision grinding permanent ferrite magnets of various shapes
  14. Ferrite magnetic materials and ferrite components development trends
  15. The current international standards and developments of magnetic components and ferrite
  16. The Prospect of Magnetic Material Industry Market in China
  17. The Development And Future Trends of China Soft Ferrite Magnet Industry
  18. China become the world producing center of magnetic materials
  19. Chin high permeability MnZn ferrite development