Magnetic Product

flexible rubber magnet
  • Rubber and plastic magnets including magnetic strip for electric motor, refrigerator and door gasket, magnetic sheets and rings, especially Magnetic gift and promotional magnet series is one of our most important magnet product.
  • Hard ferrite magnet series including electric motor rotators, multi-pole magnetic rings and magnetic arc for automobile industry.
  • Ferrite magnetic powder and compound for making plastic and rubber magnet, including dry pressing powder, wet pressing powder, compond for injection bonded fridge magnet
  • Fridge magnet producing machinery including dispersion kneader, dry spraying granulator, mixing mill and so on.

Ferrite magnet

ferrite magnetFerrite magnet is very hard and brittle, and requires specialized machining techniques. Moreover, they should be machined in an unmagnetized state. We are equipped to machine these materials to high precision specifications, for various of motor use.

Flexible rubber magnet

flexible magnetic sheetRubber magnets are made of bonded ferrite powder, plastics (PVC, Nylon, PP, etc.) and other materials. By extruding, rolling or injecting, it bears high-plasticity. The combination can be made into soft flexible rubber and plastic magnets with the required size, shapes such as strip, coil, sheet, and other complicated shapes, precision without any more mechanical processes. It can be sticked with PVC, double-side & adhesive material, and be coated with UV oil as well. Moreover, your custom patterns and ads can be printed on the PVC directly, to satisfy your advertising and promotion purpose.

Fridge magnet

ribbon fridge magnetFridge Magnets are an effective and low cost way to attract new and your existing customers, which are made of rubber magnet or magnetic powder mixed with other materials. our company specializes in making various car magnets, magnetic memo pad, magnet puzzles, magnetic bookmarks, magnetic schedule/calendars, epoxy magnets, Magnetic tape etc. and other correlative magnet products.

Magnetic powder

Strontium ferrite powderYXC series Strontium plastic bonded ferrite powders are suitable for making various of bonded magnets. They have good compatibility with different kinds of composite size, such powders have high filling capacity. They can be used for making different kinds of magnets by extrusion or injection molding. The strict quality control system of our plant ensures that the quality of our powder product is stable and consistent.

Rubber NdFeB magnet

NdFeB Speaker Magnet

Injection bonded ferrite magnets

Producing Machinery