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NdFeB magnets FAQs

view:    time:12.30/2019

NdFeB known to man most powerful "rare earth" permanent magnets composed of this formulation is more modern, and first became commercially available in 1984. NdFeB magnets have the highest B bromine, iodine, and any BHmax magnet formulations also have very high HC (as defined below). However, they are very brittle, difficult to process, sensitive to corrosion and high temperatures. Useful for home, workshop, pickups, laboratory, wind turbines, and other spacecraft. Our new and surplus stock, in many sizes and almost all applications NdFeB magnets because of its incredible strength and coercive force, at a reasonable price is the best choice! In power generation applications, it can be expected NdFeB magnets, ceramic magnets to 45 times the output power.


If you use magnets outdoors will corrode it?


  NdFeB magnets are susceptible to corrosion. In the name of 'iron' iron, and its rust! Many of our magnets, nickel, zinc, gold or epoxy paint, moisture protect them. If the coating is damaged (often the case under surplus magnet), the magnet will rust if exposed to water or humidity. If this is your concern, you can easily add another layer of protection, impregnated epoxy or plastic-coated magnets.
I already know about the NdFeB magnet patent issues, whether to apply a magnet license?

  NdFeB magnets are a relatively new invention in 1984 they first became commercially available. General Motors Corp. holds patents, some of the hard disk drive manufacturer does sue over the use of unlicensed NdFeB magnets. Since then, the patent has been sold to Sumitomo, who is likely to provide a license to magnet manufacturers around the world. All NdFeB magnets are currently protected under international patents. All of our magnets, whether new, legal, licensed material, or from different industries surplus.


It is how to make the magnet? I can make them at home?


  Manufacturing: NdFeB magnets are complex manufacturing, powdered NdFeB materials, packaging, mold, then sintered. Non-magnetized "magnet" and the formation of the correct size and plating. Magnetization, they are placed in a very expensive machine, a high-powered magnetic moment generates, uses a high voltage capacitor discharge and the coil. Finished magnet polarity depends how it is oriented magnetized machine, and how mixed particles for sintering. This makes domestic manufacturing impossible. However, so you can simply steel magnet at home. Take a nail and stroke with a powerful neodymium magnet 20 or 30 times, it is always only one direction of movement of the magnet on the nail. Presto, the nail is magnetized, market share is very weak.


I can cut, drill or machine magnet own size and shape?


  Alnico magnet machine is very easy in any way you wish. NdFeB magnets are very hard and brittle nature. Although they can be cutting, drilling and processing, it should only be done ceramics experienced people. If the magnet is received about 300 degrees Fahrenheit, they will permanently lose magnetism. They are flammable, it is not difficult grinding or machining, so that they (or cutting chips and dust) and other hot hot, they ignited. If they do not ignite fumes are toxic, such as magnesium, material burns very fast, hot! In our experience, should do any processing, these magnets diamond tools, based on a lot of cooling liquid ventilation with fire danger and mind.