The Development And Future Trends of China Soft Ferrite Magnet Industry

Soft ferrite materials in electronic information and home appliance industries an important functional material. Into the 21st century, as technology progresses, the soft ferrite materials, the demand will continue to increase, performance requirements will be continuously improved. Soft ferrite industry in China developed very quickly, the market prospect is broad.

Magnetic materials in modern industry and science and technology play a pivotal role in mechanical, electronic, information and other product performance leap to make a significant contribution is to support and promote social development, crucial documents. Industrial production and practical application of the most widely used magnetic materials can be divided into cast magnets, soft ferrite, hard ferrite and rare-earth permanent magnet four groups. Soft Ferrite is the largest and most widely used varieties of a magnetic material, electronic information and home appliance industry and other important basic functional material. At present, the world's output of magnetic material is about 1.277 million tons, of which the output of soft ferrite is about 386,000 tons, accounting for about 30% of total output. China's output of magnetic material is about 637,000 tons, of which the output of soft ferrite is about 205,000 tons, accounting for about 32% of total output.


Ferrite can be classified by application of high permeability ferrite, power ferrite and anti-electromagnetic interference. High permeability ferrite mainly refers to the initial magnetic permeability greater than 5000 Mn-Zn ferrite. High permeability ferrite cores prepared significantly reduced in size to meet the component to the smaller and lighter development needs in the electronics industry and electronic technology, widely used, they can do communications equipment, measurement and control instruments, household electrical appliances in the wideband transformers, transformers and micro-miniature low-frequency inductance elements. Power ferrite mainly refers to a certain frequency (a few hundred gigahertz) and the magnetic induction (several thousand Gauss) conditions, it can maintain a low-power, and its power consumption decreases as the core of the temperature at 80°C reached its lowest point around, forming a virtuous cycle of Mn-Zn ferrite. Power ferrite is mainly used for switching power supply transformers and flyback transformers and other power-type inductor device, is currently the largest output of the soft magnetic ferrite. EMI ferrites mainly refers to the wide-band RF signals within the scope of the energy transmission and impedance transformation of the Ni-Zn ferrite. In the system using the Ni-Zn ferrite prepared by the filter, suppressors and other devices is a very effective and simple and economical way to achieve anti-electromagnetic interference.

Soft Ferrite market and production demand

Ferrite applications in industry began in the late 19th century, is accompanied by electrical power and telecommunications technology, the rise of the emergence, and its extremely wide range of applications. Ferrite is not only used in the field of home appliances, information technology, automotive field and other supporting areas, more important is the soft ferrite production of electronic components as its main raw materials has brought endless demand. With soft ferrite as the main raw materials, soft ferrite components, as a basis for functional product, have infiltrated all areas of human production and life, in terms of resources or from the application point of view, soft ferrite cores prospects for the development of components are very broad, and its demand will certainly be increasing. In recent years, computers, mobile communication, optical fiber communications, EMC, DVD, digital TV and new lighting, etc. The rapid development of applications for soft ferrite opened up a bigger market share. In this market, a fast-growing soft ferrite products mainly include the following categories: power ferrite, accounting for about 50% of the total soft ferrite; high permeability ferrite, about the total 25%; broadband RF and electronic ballasts and lighting transformer ferrite, accounting for about 10% of the total; anti-electromagnetic interference (EMI) ferrite components, accounting for 5% of total output.

Ferrite production investment is large, wide area, is a high energy-consuming and labor-intensive industries. China has cheap labor, abundant raw material resources and energy, also has a large number of manufacturers of electronic transformers and inductors, as well as the world's largest color TV, monitors, computers and peripherals industry. Therefore, the main producing ferrite has gradually shifted from Japan, the United States, Western Europe and other countries move to China is conducive to promoting China's soft ferrite market demand. According to the relevant departments and experts predict that in the next 5-10 years, the world's average annual growth rate of soft ferrite market will remain at 6% ~ 10%, while China will be 15% ~ 20% of the average annual growth rate the rate of development. It can be predicted that by 2010, China soft ferrite market demand will be higher than 300,000 tons, which will give domestic enterprises to provide a huge ferrite space for development.

China's high-performance ferrite (equivalent to Japan's TDK products, PC40 and H5C2 and above series), the market demand is also increasing every year. High-performance Ferrite Soft Ferrite account the ratio of total demand in 2000 increased 10% or less in 2005, more than 30% (PC40 and over 20000 tons, H5C2 and over 10000 tons). Some foreign components, machine supporting companies such as MOTOROLA, NOKIA cell phone companies, BELL, LUCHUN and other communications companies, IBM, DELL and other computer companies, as well as Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Samsung and other large number of well-known home appliance manufacturers have come to the China to build factories and increase the market's demand for high-quality soft ferrite. In addition, China has joined WTO, the global trend towards economic integration, forcing soft ferrite components industry had to establish both domestic and foreign markets at the same time grasping the new awareness, new ideas. All this will lead to the overall level of China's soft ferrite industry improvement and production increase, is conducive to promoting China's soft ferrite industry.