The Prospect of Magnetic Material Industry Market in China

According to expert analysis, magnetic materials market in the world will grow by 15%. The next five years, the Mainland of China Magnetic Material Industry mainly in terms of quality and performance is increased, the growth rate in yield will be slower. However, some developed countries, and China's Hong Kong and Taiwan region, the transfer of magnetic material industries to the Mainland of China, the total output may be a breakthrough forecast.

As the car to the development of smaller and lighter, as well as to protect the environment, use of non-gasoline-driven cars, prompting the anisotropic bonded NdFeB magnets to accelerate development. By 2005, world production of 55.4 million vehicles in order to calculate, it is necessary bonded NdFeB magnet is about 5540 tons. It is estimated that in 2005 the output value will be the world permanent magnet more than 10 billion U.S. dollars.

The development of the computer led to the development of supporting components, hard drives, floppy drives, respectively, global production of 1.2 million and 2.7 million units, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drive of 800 million units, printer, 2.5 million units, the use of Nd-Fe - One of the largest markets, the annual demand of about 4,000 tons. According to the U.S. market survey, in 2000 the international computer market, 100 million units in 2005 about 200 million units. Forecast International market needs high-grade soft ferrite 2 million tons, high-grade ferrite 20,000 tons.

Telecommunications industry, telephone and mobile phone devices require more and more anti-jamming core, the miniaturization of chip inductors, as well as microphone and speakers, which is soft and permanent magnet materials has brought a good market. This requires a high permeability ferrite materials 3 million tons, nearly 1000 tons NdFeB magnets.

In the consumer products, to 2005, the world's color TV market, 200 million units, video recorders for the 60 million units, video cameras to 20 million units, home audio market reached 170 million units, car audio market reached 71.57 million units. A new generation of DVD machines, by 2005, its market demand will reach 40 million units, MD recorder market, the total sales volume will reach 29.9 million units. Will require 30,000 tons of soft ferrite, hard ferrite 50,000 tons, 1000 tons NdFeB magnets. In short, from the market development, the magnetic material into the 21st century development of the market prospects are optimistic.