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Magnetic car signs are great to promote your business. These strong magnetic signs stick on almost any vehicle, truck or car door. Make use of the empty space

Magnetic car signs are great to promote your business. These strong magnetic signs stick on almost any vehicle, truck or car door. Make use of the empty space at your car's side panels, doors and attach magnetic car signs (displaying) to attract business. Instead of paying a local newspaper your advertising money to run an ad for a month or so, But displaying inscriptions temporarily on cars is costly. our custom car magnets are cut with rounded corners to prevent wind lift off, they are great for business or organizations, save most of your money and you may use your personaized car magnet the whole year round (and maybe longer).

You will be surprised on how many people will follow or stop you to ask about your services because they saw your car sign magnets. And because the sign is detachable, you can peel it off when the occasion warrants it. Otherwise, every time you drive your vehicle in any particular area, you are advertising your company. Additionally, the biggest advantage compared with other car inscriptions (self-adhesive, painted) is that the temporary inscriptions can be easily removed without damaging your car-baby's surface.

The vehicle sign is a magnetic foil of different shapes, which adhere well on iron-based car-bodies with a flat, plain or a bit convex surface. Vehicle door signs are weather resistant, easy to apply and remove, yet will stay adhered at high (max. 160 km/h) speeds. Each of our signs is custom made based on your needs. They are made with high performance vinyl with outdoor durability of 6 years. We do magnetic car sign only in pairs and at the maximum size of 12"(30.5cm) x 24" (63.5cm) with rounded corners. Available in a variety of shapes and color combinations including 4-color process.


Profit by other application:

In fact, if you have a van and you have a lot of space available, you may be able to earn a little extra money by renting out the space to other companies as well. For them, the advantage is exposure for only a fraction of what would be required for an annual newspaper ad. For you, the magnetic car sign provides quality advertising for your customers without the need for major body paint job.

Use the magnetic car sign for the duration of your advertising contract, and then remove the sign at the end of the agreement. Your clients of course, pay for the magnetic car signs as well as the rent to your van. Have new signs made up for each contract renewal. That way, the ads look fresh and attractive. Add or replace signs as new contracts come in or old ones are renewed.

And if you belong to a group or organization that has an annual event where you go on parades, a magnetic car sign will announce the event very effectively.

Don't stop there, put up magnetic car signs for campaign purposes, as political signs, big event announcement or to promote a candidate. Main areas of application include:(Possible ways of application)

1. branding or marking of company cars, private cars
2. for advertising promotions when you want to introduce a new product or an event
3. labeling of testing cars, demonstration cars
4. as ads on public transport, vehicles
5. labeling of taxis
6. individual country codes or signs

Powerful flexible magnetic material is made in China which ensures car magnets strong enough to withstand highway speeds.