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Flexible rubber magnet roll

Usually, plastic and rubber magnetic roll, flexible magnetic sheets are made by strontium or barium ferrite powder mixed with polymers, and more recently, in rare earth Flexible material, Neodymium Iron Boron, all loaded into PVC binders, which has a particular steady magnetic power and a smooth surface, which is a uniquely desirable combination of properties for many product designer with a lower cost, especially in flexibility and machinability, no other magnetic materials has this characteristic comparable to it. As to the size of magnet roll, customers' lengths available on quantity orders. Splice-free rolls on request.

Available thickness of plastic and rubber magnetic roll(plain):0.4mm-1.0mm Tolerance: Cut length 0.2m, width l mm, Thickness 0.05-0.07mm Higher tolerance is available upon request. Please inform us for more information about coating and cutting of magnetic sheet. The products are used as toys, novelties, sales promotions, visual aids, display boards, decoration items, signage, advertising specialties, and so on.

Features of flexible plastic and rubber magnet:

1 . Excellent machinability

Flexible magnet is enough soft to be easily bent, twisted, coiled, punched, and otherwise machined into almost any shape without loss of magnetic energy, so you can also print art words on you request and die cut by yourself. Strontium, Barium and Neodymium magnetic rolls are usually purchased for further machining purpose.

2 . Many kinds of treatment

UV coating is available for exceptional outdoor weather ability and anti-stick when stacked on. PVC ( white PVC, matte white-PVC, and gloss white-PVC and color PVC, such as red, yellow, black, brown, etc) and Pressure Sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing is available, please note custom laminations available, customer-supplied laminates can be applied subject to testing.

3 . Temperature Effects

Magnetic properties of Flexible magnets demagnetization linearly with temperature in the same way as Ceramic magnets. However, the limiting factor for flexible magnet rolls are the binder materials used to render them Flexible: these begin to flow at temperatures of about 250F.