Injection ferrite bonded magnet compound

supply granulated barium ferrite magnetic compound and strontium ferrite magnetic compound. Those compounds consist of 90% bonded magnetic ferrite powder and around 10% CPE. All the additives have been put into the compounds. We can supply strontium or barium magnetic compounds according to the magnetic properties required by users.

barium ferrite magnetic compoundOf course, It is necessary to have advanced facilities and technology to provide high-quality and low-price pellets for customers according to users' requirements. On the basis of importing the advanced granulator, the surface treatment technology, flame resistance technology, and compounding technology were developed by ourselves. Various grades and specifications of plastic ferrite magnet compounds and pellets can be provided to the customers by means of strict quality control. Our granulated magnetic compounds and pellets for extrusion can be fed into the extruder directly to extrude refrigerator magnetic strip. The magnetic compounds for calendering can be directly made the flexible magnetic sheets by rolling. It's unnecessary to proceed with our granulated ferrite magnetic compound.


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