MD-15/**Series powerful pulse Magnetizer

Model Max output voltage Output current capacitance Energy Charging time application range
MD/1501 0-1500V 10000A 1000 1125 1 sec  
Adopting spiral coil, suitable for loudspeaker industry
φ30mm NdFeB、 φ100mm Ferrite
MD/1502 0-1500V 15000A 1600 1800 2 sec φ40mm NdFeB、 φ120mm Ferrite
MD/1503 0-1500V 20000A 2000 2250 1-3 sec φ50mm NdFeB、 φ140mm Ferrite
MD/1504 0-1500V 25000A 3200 3600 2-4 sec φ50mm NdFeB、 φ150mm Ferrite
MD/1505 0-1500V 35000A 4800 5400 3-5 sec φ60mm NdFeB、 φ180mm Ferrite
MD/1507 0-1500V 45000A 6400 7200 4-7 sec φ70mm NdFeB、 φ220mm Ferrite
MD/1511 0-1500V 50000A 9600 10800 10 sec φ80mm NdFeB、 φ250mm Ferrite
MD/1515 0-1500V 60000A 12800 14400 12 sec φ90mm NdFeB、 φ280mm Ferrite
MD/1518 0-1500V 70000A 16000 18000 15 sec φ100mm NdFeB、 φ300mm Ferrite


vertical, horizontal, minitype.

Magnetizing coil

Magnetizing coil

water-cooled coil

LSJ-600 refrigeration machine unit

LSJ-600 refrigeration machine unit

LSJ-600 cooling water machine unit is a cooling device specially designed to match XJY Series magnetizer and magnetizing coil. Its main function is: cooling coil, quicken working speed, applicable for fast streamline magnetizing of large quantity of high-power loudspeakers made of NdFeB magnets. Its features include: by adopting micro-computer technology, it measures temperature and displays digitally, can control temperature accurately, will not be influenced by external condition; besides, it also has protective function of reliable time prolongation during power failure, thus assure the safety of machine unit effectively; with memory CMOS chip built inside, the preset data can be stored for a long time. Once the refrigeration temperature range is set, the refrigeration machine unit can automatically adjust and operate accordingly.

1. Technical data

  • AC 220V power supply
  • 850~1000W power
  • 3A working current
  • -50℃/+40℃ temperature measurement and controlling range
  • 0.1℃ accuracy for setting temperature
  • prolonging time:
  • 3 min.
  • compressor can work continuously for:
  • >8 hours
  • volume of the built-in anti-freezing solution:
  • 8~10L
  • overall dimension:
  • 50×70×42 cm

2.This refrigeration machine unit is different from others, it is a wholly sealed type, thus adopting the anti-freezing solution to replace water for cooling of coil (anti-freezing solution is for permanent usage, and an ordinary automobile anti-freezing solution will work well for this application)

Magnetizer, coil, refrigeration machine unit

Magnetizer and refrigeration machine unit
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