NCD series II impulse magnetizer/demagnetizer

NCD series magnetizing/demagnetizing power:

NCD series magnetizing/demagnetizing power source is a development of our own, after 20 years R & D, now it has grown as an all-round system, with charging voltage ranging from 1100v, 1500v to 2000v, 2500v, they are not only a good choice for magnetizing small sized magnetic materials, coil wire, motors, but also good for OD/ID magnetization on big sized magnetic products of high-performance and multi-poles, applicable for a power supply of 220v, 50Hz; besides, it features long service life, low-cost, etc.

One of the remarkable advantages for this series impulse magnetizer is about its intelligent quantitative magnetizing power source, with computer control and inspection technology, it can quantitatively magnetize, demagnetize or decrease the magnetism of magnetic close looped piece accurately, guarantee the property consistency for the magnetized products, especially suitable for magnetic materials or motors that feature big property dispersion and exacting consistency requirement after magnetization It can keep an accurate control over the field intensity for magnetization, remanence can be kept at less than 0.002T after accurate demagnetizing.

NCD intelligent defined-value magnetizing/demagnetizing apparatus

NCD intelligent magnetizing/demagnetizing powerThis impulse magnetizer/demagnetizer is treated computer control and measure. It has function of precise magnetizing, demagnetizing, and reducing magnetism with closed loop control for magnetic pieces, even though magnetic properties are very dispersion, after magnetized, they would be achieved completely uniformity. The precise control of magnetizing field intensity would reach enough uniformity with opened control. The residual magnetism of magnetic pieces would be less than 0.002T with the precise demagnetizing; the magnetizing apparatus is adopted combination for the operation sequence of magnetizing, demagnetizing and screening it suitable for kinds of assembly lines.

The intelligent defined-value magnetizing/demagnetizing apparatus can follow your inclinations for products

Model NCD-2000/5-16B NCD-2000/10-32B
Power source AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 30A
Max. output current 50000A 100000A
Charging time 5 second 9 second
Output voltage 50-2000V (continuously variable)
Capacitance 1600 μF 3200 μF
Max. output energy 3200J 6400J
Main control element SCR
Dimension 600W×650D×1600H 600W×800D×2000H
Weight Approx. 260kg Approx. 400kg

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