Multi-center digital tesla meter/gaussmeter


FP-2000 Multi-center digital tesla meter is portable magnetic field testing instrument, the magneto meter adopts electro-overwriting digital memorizer (E2PROM) and is equipped with high technologies like hi-property magnetic detector, hi-resolution A/D converter, high-speed operation magnified processing circuit, etc., is stable and reliable to control and featured by separate set-up alarms for upper limit and lower limit. This portable digital tesla meter is applicable for multipole magnetic field testing on magnetic material and uniform testing on magnetic field, it can set upper and lower limits for the multi-pole magnetic field, alarming on whichever is not eligible, especially suitable for rapid quantity inspection and magnetic field study on the magnetic material after being magnetized.

Multi-center digital tesla meter

2.Technical parameters

Model PF-2000 multi-center digital tesla meter
Power Supply AC 220V, 50Hz
Display Usage four-channel, half and three digits LED display
Unit mT, T
Double Measuring Range 0 ~ 200 mT; 0 ~ 2T
Max Resolution Factor 0.1 mT
DC-AC-FLUX measuring magnetic field of the AC/DC
Precision 1%
AC Response Frequency 10Hz-200Hz
Magnetic Pole Display S negative, N positive(+ not be displayed)
DC Terminal Output BNC terminal
Alarm for upper and lower limits Separate set-up alarms for upper limit and lower limit equipped on each channel, determined by SCM
Number of Channels 4
Volume 350mm × 350mm × 170mm
Weight 6kg
Remark "N" marked on the probe top, positive when "N" measuring on N pole
NCD series : NCD I / NCD II / NCD III / NCD IV / NCD V
YX Magnetizing Power: YX I / YX II / YX III / YX IV