Magnetizing coils, magnetizing fixtures, magnetizing board

Various magnetizing clamping tools can be custom made according to particular requirements, including circular coil, rectangular coil, multi-polar fixtures on OD/ID, multipolar coil for axial direction on single or double side(s), segment fixtures for servo motor rotor, radial magnetizing fixture, magnetizing board etc., whole-set fixture can be made according to concrete condition. Water-cooling is the common way of cooling process, this so-called self-circulated water tank or watercooling circulation device can effectively prolong the service life of fixture and improve operational efficiency. Besides, pneumatic propping up device can be made and on-line measuring magnetic flux device can be installed according to particular requirement.

10-pole pneumatic fixture

10-pole pneumatic fixture

24pole pneumatic fixture

24pole pneumatic fixture

Water Cooling System For Magnetizing Fixture and Coil

Water Cooling System Water Cooling System Water Cooling System

Pneumatic set for magnetizing fixtures

pneumatic set for magnetizing fixture

Customized magnetizing fixture

customized magnetizing fixture

Inside water cooling system for fixtures and coils

inside water cooling system

Oil pump integration magnetizing equipment

oil pump integration magnetizing machine