Extruding Machine for Magnet Strip

We're supplying extruding machine for magnet strip, the type we suggest is our type, YXEM-02, YXEM-02 Type magnetic strip extruder is specially for extruding magnet strips used as refrigerator door-seal. The extrusion machine is newly designed, reliable, convenient to maintain, the production is automatic, productivity, high quality, reasonable makeup and so on. This machine is applied for producing standard magnetic strips for refrigerator door (the area of the section is 9X2mm2), its output is 10 thousand meters per days. Furthermore, the extrusion, magnetization, and winding are finished in one time. All production process is automatic, it's highly recommended for building, expanding or renewing the plant of producing rubber magnets.

Extruding Machine for Magnet Strip,magnetic strip extruder

Technical Data

No. Items Data.
1 Screw Stem Diameter Φ60mm
2 Length: Diameter 9
3 Compress Ratio 1.39
4 Screw stem rolling speed 0-24r/min
5 Extruding motor power 11kw
6 Traction motor power 0.75kw
7 Rolling motor power 0.55kw
8 Heating power 2.9kw
9 Hopper mixing power 1.14kw
10 Magnetizing power 5kw
11 Cooling water quantity 0.6m3/h
12 Heating temperature controlled range 0-120°C
13 Total weight 3000kg approx.
14 Occupied ground area 5000×2000mm2

The extruder is mainly consisted by host temperature control cabinet (host control cabinet for short), traction-cooling, magnetization cabinet set (magnetization cabinet for short). The screw's rotate speed and screw canister's temperature are control by the host control cabinet. The rubber magnetic compounds are extruded into strips, then go thru the water tank for cooling. After cooling, the magnetic strips go thru the dryer to let the water absorbed, lastly, they go thru the magnetization poles in the water tank for magnetization, then they could be winded into roll. The magnetization cabinet is used for control the traction, winding and magnetization of the magnetic strips. When in producing, only adding material and get out the final products are manual work, all the others are automotive.

Main Parts

No. Part Name Qty/set
1 Main Machine 1
2 Magnetizing Machine 1
3 Magnetizing Fixture 1
4 Electronic Control Case 1

In order to ensure the stableness and reliable of the machine, the main parts such as screw cover are specially treated with special material, which are easy to damage. So it could prolong the life of these parts. Magnetization capacitance, controllable silicon element, temperature control apparatus, frequency conversion timing engine, speed-down machine such main parts are adopted from those domestic famous factories' products, then it guarantees the whole machine's quality.

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