YX Magnetizing Power I

Yuxiang is specialized in producing of magnetizing/demagnetizing power, magnetizing fixture, measuring meter of the distribution of magnetic fields, etc. for a long production experience of more than 20 years behind in this line, now it can well supply for different industries such as magnetic materials, motor, loudspeaker, with clients from both at home and abroad.

Magnetizing power/demagnetizing powerMagnetizing/demagnetizing power

Applicable areas:

As technology advances, application areas for magnetic materials become increasingly wider, from small gadget like electric toy to hi-tech aerospace and spaceflight, magnet has been playing an important role in human life and production. Based on the powerful technology support from both local universities and academies and some famous Japanese companies concerned, Yuxiang has researched and developed a series of magnetizing/ demagnetizing equipments by combining its own production experience, till now, the magnetizing/demagnetizing technology is considered one of the best among other companies of its type domestically, with main application as follows:

  1. Machining of magnetic material: magnetizing directions such as axial, diametrical, multi-polar, radial and abnormal-type magnetizing are available for all ever-known permanent magnetic materials of ferrite, AlNiCo, rubber flexible magnet, NdFeB, NdFeN, SmCo, etc, while custom making service for both magnetizing power and coil will be well provided according to particular requirement for materials, dimension, productive efficiency if needed.
  2. Motorcycle motor: motorcycle starting up motor, motorcycle magnetic motor, etc. nearly all the motorcycle manufacturers are using magnetizing equipments from our company.
  3. Automobile motor: water wiper motor, glass elevating motor, starting up motor, warm air fan motor, condenser motor, electric fuel spraying pumping motor, ABS motor, chair motor, etc.
  4. Electric cycle motor: including electric cycle disc-shaped motor.
  5. Micro-motor: including stepping motor, servo motor, linear motor, moving machine motor, massaging chair motor, motor for the machine of running simulation and other types of permanent magnet motor.
  6. Loudspeaker: automobile loudspeaker, professional stereo loudspeaker, toy speaker etc.
  7. Other areas: motor vibrating motor, permanent magnet relay, nuclear magnetic resonance, aerospace and spaceflight, etc.

YX Series magnetizing/demagnetizing power source:

YX Series magnetizing/demagnetizing power source is a development coming from a Xiamen Joint Venture Jointly owned by Japanese Electronic and Magnetic Ind. Kabuskiki Kaisha, equipped with advanced Japanese Technology, professional design, slap-up appliances, comprehensive experimentation, they feature high-precision during repeatedly application, good maneuverability, digital current/voltage display, long service life with major compactor and SCR. Among them, the one with a charging voltage of 2500V (suitable for magnetizing ordinary-sized magnetic materials and automobile motors), 4000V (suitable for magnetizing high-property big-size magnetic materials and big motor) already have passed the CE quality license, following is a brief introduction to some professional models of this series:

  1. Models 1504, 1506: Micro-motor high-precision OD/ID magnetization, magnetic field waveform is consistent and sufficient after magnetizing.
  2. Models 1510-30 Ⅱ, 2510-30 Ⅱ: Multi-magnetizing on RE magnet with ultra-small pole distance; each machine is equipped with two magnetic heads which can be used alternatively, thus greatly extend the service life for magnetic head and guarantee the production efficiency. They are mostly used for mobile phone vibrating motors.
  3. Models 1520-30 Ⅱ V: Automated alignment magnetizing on anisotropic oriented magnets. The already-oriented magnets will be calibrated under low voltage, charged/magnetized under high voltage, and the whole process is done automatically.
  4. Models 4030-30 Ⅱ: The two working positions share one magnetizer and operated separately under different voltages.

The EMIC-MCD magnetizing power is made according to the EMC technology, including the designing, parts selecting, producing and testing. The main advantages of the fixture are:

  1. The repeat precision of the charge voltage is ±1V +1 digit.
  2. The operation is easy.
  3. The capacity of the condenser can be changed.
  4. High charge voltage and low output impedance.
  5. Build in the standard ampere meter with compare function.
  6. Build in the inner discharge circuit.
  7. High reliability and safety.
  8. Using the main condenser and SCR passed the enduring testing more than 5 million times.
Model YX-10100-15 YX-10200-15 YX-1520-30 YX-2510-30 YX-2520-30 YX-2530-30
Input Power AC220V 50~60Hz 30A AC220V 50~60Hz 30A AC220V 50~60Hz 40A
Max Output Curent 15,000 30,000 30,000
Charge Voltage DC50~1000V DC50~1500V DC50~2500V
Repet Precision Of Charge Voltage ±1V +1 digit ±1V +1 digit ±1V +1 digit
Charge Time 5 sec 9 sec 5 sec 4 sec 5 sec 8sec
The capacity of Condenser 10,000 µF 20,000 µF 2000 µF 1000 µF 2000 µF 3000 µF
The Capacity Of Changing 5,000
10,000/20,000 1000/2000 none 1000/2000 1000/2000
Main Switch SCR SCR SCR
Compare Function Have Have Have
Interior Dicharge Circuit Have Have Have
Enclosure Dimensions
600×900×1350 600×900×1350 600×900×1350 700×900×1450 700×1180×1450
Weight 250Kg 300Kg 250Kg 300Kg 400Kg 500Kg
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