Emulational Ear

Emulational Ear

IEC318 Emulational Ear cooperate with EAMS electricity sound testing workstation to test earphone

Emulational Ear is a equipment of simulation human ear to make test of electricity sound, which be composed of capacitance microphone and single or several coupling cavity. Coupling cavity should be similar with human ear's average sound impedance.

Emulational Ear with EAMS electricity sound testing workstation and measurable receipt transmitter, earphone or telephone's receipt and side sound speciality. At present, the domestic in common use Emulational Ear are Braun IEC-126(Danmark BK CO. 4125type)IEC-318(Danmark BK CO. 4125type domestic NE1)etc

Main technic parameter

Emulational Ear ventricle's sensitivity tolerance: less 0.5dB

Emulational Ear frequency range: 100~10000Hz

Emulational Ear frequency speciality: there are two resonance tops f1=430Hz 2%,f2=2600Hz 2 within 100~10000Hz frequency, the comparatively margin between f1 and f2 is 4.5 0.5dB

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