Dispersion Kneader

Dispersion kneader is an important machine in the process of making fridge magnetic strips. The Kneader with its uniquely designed rotors, rotor blades, mixing chamber and pressure lid allows for thorough material flow and controlled shear mixing within the mixing chamber. This intensive mixing achieves a uniform compound mixture with exceptional dispersion of materials. It is also suitable to produce various rubber sections or shapes, out of warm rubber or rubber compounds.

The dispersion Kneader has proved a big boon to several medium and large rubber magnetic industries. Incorporating international standard technological features, it symbolizes high technology class among Chinese Kneaders, by giving higher outputs, through perfect process control. Dispersion Mixer can be employed in a wide range of material mixing, ranging from low viscosity adhesives to high viscosity rubber.

Dispersion Kneader

The structure of dispersion kneader

Most Suitable Kneading Application For Dispersion Kneader:

E.V.A Rubber & TPR. Sole. Rubber Roller. Hoses. Belts. Sponges. Vibration Insulator. Elastic Cord. Sealing Materials.

Tire.Tapes.Master Batches.Pigment.Ink.Automobile & Electric Rubber Parts.Chemical Industry Compounds.

dispersion kneader structuredispersion kneader

Feature for Dispersion Kneader:

  1. An antomatic temperature and time control system to provide a 100% mixing effect.
  2. Easy to clean chamber and changing colors.
  3. In 6-10 minutes/batch of output equivalent to 2 units of mixing Roller.
  4. Pressurized and sealed mixing chamber to provide high mixing performance and prevented environmental pollution.
  5. Easy installation, operation and maintenance to lower the running cost.
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