Automatic Welding Machine for Refrigerator Gasket

1. Features:

  1. This machine adopts advanced PLC automatic control system that conquers error of old machine caused by multi electric apparatus; open system adopts OMRON pneumatic element that guarantees stability of process and enhances quality.
  2. It breaches many processes of old welder such as manual work for pruning rest material and welding lump and so forth.
  3. This fridge seal welder is double hole full automatic welding equipment; after welding, it cleans rest material automatically; therefore, it guarantee even, firm and beauty of welding angle; the production efficiency is twice of old welder.
  4. Mould and frock has up and down layer with adopting precise beeline rail transmission breath that guarantees precision of equipment; the welding way is: automatic heating (firing type) - vacuum adsorption - welding - inner cooling - outer cooling - automatic outlet.
  5. Security protection system: in order to protect pressing, it equips photo electricity protector before mould with adopting two-hand open button; it adopts HZ12-25 switch; it can open electric case after power failure.
  6. Leg period of this fridge gasket welding machine is 11-14 second/double angle; the output can reach 600-650 sets /team (3 teams every day, every team is counted as 8 working hours; the stress of welding angle is higher than criterion in same industry.
  7. Heater capacity required About 700℃.

2. Semi-Automatic Welding Machine

This machine is specially used in the welding of the refrigerator door gasket, which has the features of compact structure, easy operation, accurate temperature controlling, high speed, good welding quality, long using time, photo electrical protect system and so on. The heating tube is made of imported materials. One leg period of this machine is about 14 seconds , the output can reach about 300 sets /team (3 teams every day, every team is counted as 8 working hours), the leg stretching resistance is higher than the technical standard in the same industry at home and abroad.

3. Difference in the Automatic and Semiautomatic gasket welding machine

  1. The automatic welding equipment is convenient and expensive than the semi-automatic one.
  2. The automatic equipment can weld two corners every time but the semi one only can weld one corner every time.
  3. The automatic machine has photoswitch, which can prevent hands from clamped, But the semi one has not it.
  4. The automatic machine has complex pneumatic system but the semi one's pneumatic system is simple.
  5. You do not need to repair the corner of gasket after welding operation, the corner is very smooth and beautiful, but the corner welded by the semi one should repaired to clear the welding beadings.
  6. Different welding moulds are used in auto machine and semiautomatic machine
Refrigerator Gasket Automatic Welding Machine
YXWM-2 automatic welding machine

Details of Electrical components for the YXWM-2 fridge door gasket welding machine

No. Item Description Qty Remark
1 Programmer   1 OMRON
2 Time relay SJ1/SJ2/SJ3 3 OMRON
3 Photoelectric switch   1 UTRCK
4 Middle relay KM1 1 OMRON
5 Relay base   1 OMRON
6 Contactor KM2 1 Schneider
7 Contactor KM3 1 Schneider
8 Air switch Total power supply 1 Schneider
9 Electromagnetic valve   8 AIRTAC
10 Electromagnetic valve   1 AIRTAC
11 Solenoid coil   9 AIRTAC
12 Gas passage board   1 AIRTAC