Introduction to magnetizer -XY Series

XJY-III Series magnetizer

magnetizerThis magnetizer adopts the fast-charging energy-storing electrolytic capacitor, featuring small volume, stable performance, high efficiency, long service life, suitable for assembly line in magnetizing large quantity of magnets; for more than 10 years since its appearance, this model has been always enjoying a good popularity among its customers, among the early purchased machines many are still running even now. Its market not only occupies a big quota domestically (some are famous loudspeaker manufacturers), but also be well exported to abroad including Southeast Asia, European countries and other districts. Recently, being technically updated by our engineers, it is greatly improved both at safety property and automatic control, now becomes most suitable model for the majority of users.

XJY-1500 Series Magnetizing/Demagnetizing system

XJY-1500 Series Magnetizing/Demagnetizing system features small volume, stable performance, high efficiency and power, it is applicable for big quantity magnetization in assembly line and on-line open-circuit magnetizing of big-calibered magnets of different types, good reflection has been found for the three years since its birth; as of now, it becomes our leading model. Its capacitor is researched and developed through repeatedly experimenting and practicing with great effort by national advanced scientific and researching talents; as one of the minimum volume/capacity ratio polarity-free capacitors domestically, it has a long life service time, equipped with a three-year assurance of charging and discharging operation without any trouble. It has until now (3years after being applied) received a lot of high appraisal from many customers.

Demagnetizing function is optional for this model.

XJY-2200 Series magnetizer

XJY-2200 Series magnetizer features small volume, stable performance and high efficiency, it is applicable for magnetizing large quantity of segment and ring magnets of different types in assembly line. To well meet the majority of electro-acoustics manufacturers' exact requirement for compact structure, reliable performance and high efficiency of magnetizers, we launched this model of XJY-2200 with our company'unique technique; especially, the capacitor we adopt is of long life span (at least with 3 years), now enjoying a high reputation in this field.

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