3D measuring meter of the distribution of the magnetic fields

Introduction to automatic measuring meter of the distribution of the magnetic fields:

It is on-line multi-functional measuring equipment used to measure and analyze the surface magnetic field distribution of ring magnetic materials. In combination with independently developed software system, it is in a good position to conduct measuring of ring magnetic products or motors for their circumference magnetic field distribution, end side surface magnetic field distribution, inner circumference magnetic field distribution, especially suitable for measuring multi-polar magnetic appliances. It is of advanced automation and equipped with nearly all necessary functions. Working modes include surface magnetic field measuring and magnetic flux measuring. There are three measuring patterns available:

  • Outer circumference measuring
  • End side measuring
  • Inner circumference measuring
Probe track will change as the measuring pattern differs. Passing CE license, it has been well exported to many European countries including Spain and Russia.

This instrument is used multi axis control by the computer. lt can test the magnet automatically and it can test magnet with small pole distance quickly and precisely. The detection head has the function of fixed position automatically and a coder output device is assembled on revolving. This instrument needs less than 5 seconds to test each magnet and is completely fit for on line test.

It can display the parameters under friendly customer system in Windows98, WindowsXP, such as wave-form of magnetic field, magnetic flux, extreme value, the number of poles, average extreme value, angle scope of each pole, angle where the extreme value is, duty ratio and area of each pole, etc. ln addition, it has alarm function when out of the range. The data can be processed and printed by YXCEL. Wave-form can be display by X-Y coordinates, polar coordinates and three-dimensional.