stationery Magnet

Butterfly fridge magnet and magnetic storage box are two of our special stationery magnets. Keep these stationery magnets handy on your refrigerator, in your school locker, or near a magnetic dry-erase board,they will allow you tedious work and study in the convenience and fun.

Butterfly fridge magnets, dragonfly fridge magnets

These butterfly fridge magnets stick to metal boards or magnetic white boards, they hold papers, sheets or files close, you may use them in your teaching lesson, lecture or display. No need to write the board when you are performing, just stick your drafts by press those butterflies. You can also use them to decorate your fridge, cabinet or any metallic surface. Besides, we also offer dragonfly fridge magnets and other shapes for your various options.


  • Various colorful and vivid magnets hold multiple sheets of paper
  • OEM is welcome

Butterfly fridge magnet butterfly fridge magnet butterfly fridge magnet
dragonfly fridge magnet butterfly fridge magnet dragonfly fridge magnet

Magnetic storage box is one of our special products

This magnetic storage box made of durable and safe materials is for the storage of notepads, telephone list, pens, pencils, eraser, rulers, postal mails, message pads and other stationery that you might use. You can use it to create more space in your office, home, workshop, garage, or clinic. It sticks to any steel appliance, or metallic structure such as a file cabinet, storage locker, desk, or door. The magnetic storage box keeps items handy, saves time, it organizes and save desktop space. It keeps those small stationeries, especially those easy to lose, together and handy.

magnetic storage boxmagnetic storage box