Souvernir Magnets

Fridge souvenir magnets is strongly developing now and it is possible to find various of souvenirs today. They can be 3-dimensional flexible magnets or molded magnets. Souvenir magnets are widely used for advertisement. Choose our high-quality fridge souvenir magnets in order to win the favor of your customers all over the world. It is also possible to present a creative magnet to someone special.

The whole piece of this souvenir magnet is rubber magnet which molded injection from magnetic powder. Because uneven surfaces of 2D rubber magnet have 3-dimentional effect with colorful design, it is very suitable for the magnets to make company logos, tour souvenirs, city logo, gifts and collection purpose. As magnets are popular collectibles today it is possible to order a unique magnet.


  • Materials: soft rubber and soft magnet
  • Processing: injection plastic
  • Motifs can be 2D level or 3D cubic designs
  • Thickness: about 3 mm
  • Various designs are available
  • Color reference: pantone color chart
  • Ideal for promotions

Map souvenir magnets

The map souvenir magnets are one of the most popular magnetic products in family. Additionally, it can help children to learn more geographical knowledge outside class.

People souvenir magnets

Many kinds of cartoon boys and girls souvenir magnets are avaiable, your custom design and order can be made.

City and Castle souvenir magnets

Those souvenir magnets would be very popular among travellers and tourists, which would be the best souvenirs for their friends or families.