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Promotional magnets expecially promotional business card magnets and refrigerator magnets have long been a favorite way advertising for small business and organizations, because the practical function of our Promotional magnets makes an inexpensive long term and powerful Marketing Tool. Take a look at any home refrigerator or a file cabinet in a work place, and you will see funny refrigerator magnets and of course, Promotional Magnets. What better way for your business to be seen by your customers every day? Custom printed magnets can be used as advertising to promote your business. As event calendars, or just as cool gifts for customers that will keep you on their minds every day. Custom Printed Magnets are a great way to introduce a new product or event, or get your message into homes and businesses. Promotional refrigerator magnets can also be used for fundraisers, as wedding favors or save the date magnets for announcements of special events.

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's Promotional Magnets uses only the highest quality materials. Our magnets are 30 mils thick (the black, magnetic portion of the magnet is 20 mils thick). The magnets are strong adhesive, yet easy to peel off and reposition. All of our magnets feature a bleed edge. This means that you get up-to-edge printing of your artwork, and that means a more professional look for your Promotional needs. The nylon UV gloss lamination on our custom made magnets provides protection against constant handling and household cleaning agents, ensuring that they last for years. And by the way, our full- color, high-quality, customized marketing Refrigerator Magnets are made right here in China. Put your ideas on the blank business card magnets for creative promotional advertising, refrigerator doors or just collecting, they range in size from 2'' x 1 1/2'' (50 mm x 40 mm) to 10'' x 8'' (250 mm x 200 mm)

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Because we offer many different sizes of Magnetic Business Cards along with full color artwork, advertising magnets can handle any amount of information and graphics to help make your message a memorable one. For more information about our promotion business card magnets, browse our web site or simply give us an email to explore the options available for the most cost effective sales aid that money can buy.