Magnetic tape

adhesive magnetic tapeLike Magic! Fridge Tape is an awesome way to turn your "Cluttered Looking" Refrigerator into a Crisp, Clean, and Well-organized Display. Our adhesively backed magnetic fridge tape sticks to the back of your item and then to your refrigerator. It Works on any other Magnetically Receptive Surface as well, such as Filing Cabinets, Metal Doors and School Lockers. Those magnet tapes with wrtie-on colored gloss finish on one side and magnetic the other are also ideal for labelling and very popular for use on racking to organise products. Because it is magnetic, you can peel labeling tape off as many times as you like without hurting your products. The colorful side can be written or marked by dry wipe marker pen. You can cut the magnetic lebel tape to length by scissor. Custom width labeling tape of many colors are available.

adhesive magnetic tapeOur flexible magnetic tapes including YX-MT2 type and YX-MT heavy duty type, YX-MT1 tape holds anything lightweight such as pictures, children's artwork, company bulletins, contact numbers, school menus and schedules. And the latter one is special designed for heavier items, such as calendars, phone books note boards and TV Remotes and every thing you can imagine!! Please contact us for more sizes and design info.

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