Magnet games (Dress up magnet and poetry games)

(1) Venus dress up magnet

Our fabulous dress up Venus magnet set features one magnetic cut out Venus doll with a range of funky outfits and accessories, Just let her sticks to your fridge, freezer or any other similar metal surface and mix and match those fashions from her wardrobe of cutting edge fashion over and over again. (Not suitable for children under 3 years)

Magnet gamesDress up magnet and poetry games

(2) Magnetic poetry games

magnetic poetry popular word games magnet message magnet

Message Magnet or Magnetic Poetry is a popular word game / toy / poems invented by Dave Kapell. Each Magnetic Poetry Kit is a collection of hundreds of magnetic word tiles, each of these with a different word or word fragment printed on it. The whole collection is stuck on a steel surface (typically a refrigerator door or file cabinet), where the user arranges the tiles until they form into snippets of "poetry". Millions of Magnetic Poetry Kits, in dozens of different languages and themes, have been sold around the world.

Have fun while getting your message across to your child!