Lenticular magnet

3D Lenticular magnet or 3D magnet using lenticular PVC, superb magnet and special print craftsmanship, lenticular lens ensure the surface keeps clean and bright for years. The light scientific effect of lenticular can make the image move; even bring a 3-dimensional effect. Many buyers will be attracted to notice the logo and the goods by this 3-dimensional effect magnet. So the promotion target can be reached.

3D lenticular magnetlenticular magnet
3D magnetlenticular magnet

- Available in different shape and size

- High perceived value lenticular magnets

- Advanced and high quality lenticular

- With APET 3D lenticular surface and magnet base

- Both CTP and CTF plat-making technologies available

- Material: 70lpi, 75lpi, 100lpi, 161lpi of APET lenticular lens

- Customer logo can be printed as requested

- Lenticular decorated artworks: 3D lenticular murals, house-decorative picture and photo frames