Inkjet Printable Magnet

inkjet printable magnet sheet,inkjet printable magnet paperinkjet printable magnetic sheetYes it?s true... we offers Inkjet printable magnetic Sheets for desktop inkjet printers. They are thin, flexible, printable white magnet sheets with white on one side, magnetic on the other. The inkjet side uses the highest quality inkjet receptive paper laminate for superior ink coverage. Gloss and Matt finishes available. Easy to use... stamp it, score it or punch it. The magnet can be cut with a knife or scissors to any desired shape, and you can create your own personalized magnets in any color, combination of colors... even exciting full color. Our magnetic sheet is safe for most inkjet printers.

inkjet printable magnetic paperPrint your own magnets right on your inkjet printer and have them immediately to hand out to your clients. Design up your magnet in Word, Publisher or any other design package and print your magnet out immediately. Would you like to try magnetic business cards but do not want to purchase hundreds or thousands of pieces? Need a one of a kind sign to adhere to a door or the refrigerator? Have that special photo that you would like to give to the grandparents or post where everyone can see it? With inkjet magnetic sheet, a business owner can print and distribute business cards on inkjet magnet paper. That way, the telephone number and web address of their hardware store or florist are always visible, instead of hidden away in a drawer. You can even print your family photographs or any images scanned into your computer on inkjet magnet paper and stick it to fridge, file cabinets or any metal surface furniture.

inkjet printable magnetic paperOur inkjet magnet paper works well for a wide variety of applications such as POP displays, message boards, teaching aids, scheduling boards, presentation graphics, picture frames, fridge magnets and temporary signage.

All 21.6 x 28cm (8.5*11 inch) formats in packages of 10, 25 or 50 sheets! Do not try to print on inkjet magnet sheets with a laser printer or copier, ONLY use inkjet printer!! Not suitable for outdoor use.