Iron sheet fridge magnet

Iron sheet fridge magnet is the best choice of souvenirs. Many tourists keep our souvenirs fridge magnets in their kitchens or on their file cabinets for years, using them as a convenient way to retrieve famous scenic quickly for themselves and also for others

Magnet games

Our fabulous dress up Venus magnet set features one magnetic cut out Venus doll with a range of funky outfits and accessories, Just let her sticks to your fridge, freezer or any other similar metal surface and mix and match those fashions from her wardrobe of cutting edge fashion over and over again

Lenticular magnet

The scientific light effect makes the image of lenticular magnet move; even brings a 3-dimentional effect. Many buyers will be attracted to notice the logo and the goods by this 3-dimentional effect. So the promotion target can be reached

Magnet calendar

Calendar magnets are company best choice. Besides it is printed with the calendar, it is printed with the companies' logo and information. Send to your clients as a gift, your clients usually put it on the furniture or fridge.

stationery Magnet

Keep stationery magnets handy on your refrigerator, in your school locker, or near a magnetic dry erase board,they will allow you tedious work and study in the convenience and fun.