Fridge magnets

Specialty fridge magnet

Thank you for visiting our Speciality fridge magnets showcase! If you're looking for high-energy magnet gifts, Keep email your messages to us, in sight with our promotional magnets; this online showcase represents only a small sample of our fridge magnet. Including business card magnets, brand advertising magnets, magnetic calendars, schedule magnets, photo frames magnet and more. Because promotional magnets are fun, smart and useful! As you browse through please remember your imagination is our inspiration. If you are looking for fridge magnet, promotion magnets please give us an email or a call. The possibilities are endless!

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Promotion magnet

Custom printed magnets can be used as advertising to promote your business. As event calendars, or just as cool gifts for customers that will keep you on their minds every day. Custom Printed Magnets are a great way to get your message into homes and businesses

Magnetic photo frame

The magnetic photo frames are one of the most popular magnetic products in family. Additionally, magnetic picture frames are the perfect way to display messages and memories

Car magnet

Make use of the empty space at your car's side panels and attach magnetic car signs(displaying) to attract business.

Magnetic cards

Make them magnetic immediately so as to display them on the surface of fridge, iron tank and other ironworks. You can tear them off many times, remains no mark at all

2D injection Magnets

The whole piece of these fridge magnets are rubber magnet which molded injection from magnetic powder, we are using the mould tooling to inject it into a shape and then silk screen printing different colors on it