Magnetic strip

Flexible Magnetic Strip

flexible magnetic stripFlexible Magnetic Strips and Custom Profile are thermoplastic permanent magnetic Extrusions. High Energy Flexible Magnets strip are composed of a strontium ferrite powder mixture with polymer bonding. It can provide superior holding power and widely used in stationery, household appliance, water-tight appliance.(Applications Motors, Sensors, Latches, Magnetic Assemblies, Electronics, Appliances, Holding, Actuators, Seals for refrigerator gasket) According to its magnetic property, it is divided into anisotropic and isotropic; according to its magnetization way, it is divided into surface magnetization and penetration magnetization (longitudinal, transverse and bilateral).


  • High resistance to demagnetization compared to standard flexible magnet material
  • Easy fabrication and handling
  • Free from chipping, cracking or shattering
  • Inexpensive
  • High energy product vs. regular flexible material
  • Adhesive or plain
  • Low curie point, not good in heat applications

Main applications

Fridge magnet strip / Fridge magnet gasket / More new type strip

magnetic rollOur flexible magnetic strip is available in thickness from .030” (0.762mm)to .120”(3.05mm) and widths of 1/2”(12.7mm) to 3”.(76.2mm) The strip magnetized in a multipole arrangement for a strong pull on only one side, or in a conventional through-the-thickness arrangement that provides an equally strong pull on both sides. Our magnetic strip is shipped in coils, and can be cut or scored to meet individual requirements. The strip is available either plain or with pressure sensitive adhesive.

Flexible Rubber Magnets

Magnetic properties of flexible magnetic strip

Code Br Hcb Hcj (BH)max Forming
T KA/m KA/m   Max

YXZJ-1 0.13~0.18 80~115 100~160 4~6.4 Calendering 100 400 0.4~1.1
YXZJ-2 0.18~0.22 100~140 120~190 6.4~8.0 Calendering 2 930 0.6~3

Physical properties of flexible magnetic strip

Code Tensile Strength (MPa) Elongation Rate
Temperature (℃) Density
YXZJ-1 5~10 30~100 85~98 -10~80 3.6~3.7
YXZJ-2 5~10 40~100 85~98 -10~80 3.6~3.7


flexible magnetic stripflexible magnetic strip