Plastic and rubber Magnetic sheet

flexible magnetic sheet

Flexible Magnetic Sheet is produced with calendering process, which is made by strontium or barium ferrite powder mixed with polymers. We are specialized in providing a variety of customized flexibility and thickness, laminates and die-cutting combine of magnetic sheeting to your specifications and backed by the finest technical support in the industry.

Another product is rubber magnet and magnetic strip, and it has strong magnetic force, smooth appearance. It is soft and can be easily folded. It can be used as the good magnetic material to produce office appliance, many kinds of toys and decorations. The magnetic rubber material, having no poison and pollution, is especially suitable to be used as the raw material to produce the toys exported to the USA and Europe.

magnetic stripThickness range: 0.4mm-5mm. Standard tolerance: Length/Width: +l mm thickness, According with the customer's requirement. Higher tolerance is available upon request. According to its magnetization method, it is divided into penetration magnetization and surface magnetization. Magnetizing: standard multi-pole pitch: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm. Various coating on the magnetic sheets are available, such as PVE UV oil, etc. With back adhesive remain continuous for the convenient use.

Magnetic properties of flexible magnetic sheeting

Code Br Hcb Hcj (BH)max Forming
T KA/m KA/m   Max

YXZY-1 0.13~0.18 80~120 100~160 4~6.4 Calendering 100 400 0.4~1.1
YXZY-2 0.18~0.22 100~140 120~190 6.4~8.0 Calendering 2 930 0.6~3
YXZY-3 0.21~0.239 140~165 150~210 8.0~10.4 Calendering 100 400 0.4~1.5
YXZY-4 0.24~0.265 15z`6~181 200~270 10.4~12.5 Calendering 2 400 0.6~6

Physical properties of flexible magnetic sheeting

Code Tensile Strength (MPa) Elongation Rate
Temperature (℃) Density
YXZY-1 7~12 100~200 85~98 -10~80 3.6~3.7
YXZY-2 7~12 100~200 85~98 -10~80 3.6~3.7
YXZY-3 7~12 100~200 85~98 -10~80 3.6~3.7
YXZY-4 7~12 100~200 85~98 -10~80 3.6~3.7