Flexible Rubber Magnet / Bonded Ferrite Polymer Magnet

Flexible magnets are made of bonded ferrite magnetic powder, plastics (PVC, Nylon, PP, etc.) and other materials. By extruding, roilling or injecting, it bears high-plasticity. The combination can be made into soft flexible magnets with the required size, shapes such as strip, roll, sheet and other complicated shapes, precision without any more mechanical processes. It can stick PVC, double-side & adhesive material, and wipe UV oil as well. Otherwise, it can print pattern and ad on the PVC directly.

Flexible rubber magnets can be either isotropic or anisotropic. The magnetic force exists between 0.65-1.70M GOE. The anisotropic flexible magnets are made by extrusion or injection. Characteristics such as high elasticity, flexibility, and machinability make these magnets a favorite candidate for many permanent magnet applications in industrial and home appliances. The isotropic flexible magnets are wide use for daily necessary industry; make this magnet in toy, family education, printing and decoration, etc.

Flexible materials offer the product designer a uniquely desirable combination of properties at lower cost than other magnet materials. The flexibility and machinability of these materials permit design innovations and automated manufacturing techniques not possible with rigid or brittle materials.

Flexible materials can be bent, twisted, coiled, punched, and otherwise machined into almost any shape without loss of magnetic energy.

Manufacturing Methods

Extrusion involves squeezing heated compound through a shaped die, cooling the shaped material as it exits the die, and magnetizing the material. The standard grade materials are only magnetic on one side.

Calendering involves squeezing the compound between rollers to compress and flatten it to form a sheet. The sheet is fed through sets of rollers several times until it reaches the desired thickness. It is then slit to the desired width and magnetized. The standard grade materials are only magnetic on one side.

Surface Treatments No surface treatments are required to protect against corrosion. We are able to laminate a variety of decorative facings to magnetic strip.

Machining Flexible materials are relatively easy to fabricate: they may be cut, scored, punched, slit or die cut to shape. We are equipped to fabricate these materials to specification.


Magnetic strip / Magnetic sheet / Magnetic roll


Magnetic door / Fridge gasket
Micro motor strip

Flexible Magnet Features:

  • Excellent plasticity which can be easily punched, cut or pressed into various complex shapes
  • Excellent flexibility which can be easily folded, twisted without losing its magnetic properties
  • Good embellishment property
  • Demagnetization resistance capability
  • High corrosion resistance capability
  • They are extruded, injected or calendared
  • They are often used in signs, promotional / decorative magnets and door seal applications because of their low cost
  • Custom sizes available in 3-4 weeks. Stock sizes and price list available upon request by.