Motor arc

Motor arc will take off in a few years

motor arcMotor magnets for automobile industry is our important product, according to the automobile features, we research and design a series magnet to meet the demand, among the magnet for starter motor and window-rolling motors are the leading magnet in China. In addition, you also could choose other excellent magnet for your industry, including magnet for electric tools, magnet for medical & health care appliance, magnet for general dynamo & standard motors, and magnet for other DC motors ect.

Detailed information as follows:

  1. motor magnet, segment magnetMagnets for motorcycle magneto are applicable for 4 gate 6 Pole, 8pole magneto based on Y30H-1, Y32, Y33 materials grade,
  2. Magnets for motorcycle starter are applicable for 70cc l00cc, 125cc, 250cc staffers based on Y30H-2 materials grade
  3. Magnets for automobile starter are applicable for 1.0KW, 1.2KW, 1.4KW, 1,5KW, 1,7KW starters based on Y26H-2, Y28H-2 materials grade, they also are suitable for different environmental temperature.
  4. Magnets for window-rolling motors are applicable for all cars based on Y30H-3 material grade.
  5. Magnets for automobile fuel pump motor are applicable for various pumps based on Y33H, Y30H-2 materials grade, main features are low current and stable current flow.
  6. Magnets for automobile windshield wipe motors are applicable for various wipe motors based on Y30H-1, Y30H-2, and Y30H-3 materials grade. Main features are many kind of specifications, large force, and low current.
  7. Magnets for automobile fan motors are applicable for 30W, 50W, 80W based on Y30H-1, Y30H-2, and Y33H materials grade. Main features are low current and stable rotation speed.
  8. Magnets for automobile power seat motors are based on Y30-3 materials grade and applicable for high-grade car power seat regulator
  9. Magnets for automobile air compressor motor are based on Y30H-2 materials grade and applicable for tire pressure monitoring system. Magnets for electric tools
  10. Magnets for electric tools are applicable for 775, 750, 550, 540 series

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