Safety principle for manual operation of permanent magnet

1) The magnetized permanent magnets with strong magnetic field attract the iron and other magnetic matters around them greatly. Under common condition, the manual operator should be very careful to avoid any damage. Due to the strong magnetic force, the big magnet close to them takes the risk of damage. People always process these magnets separately or by clamps. In this case, we should ware the protection gloves in operation.

2) In this circumstance of strong magnetic field, any sensible electronic component and test meter may be altered or damaged. Please see to it that the computer, display and magnetic media , for example the magnetic disc ,magnetic cassette tape and video record tape etc., are far from the magnetized components, say farther than 2m.

The collision of the attracting forces between two permanent magnets will bring enormous sparkles. Therefore, the flammable or explosive matters should not be placed around them.

4) When the magnet is exposed to hydrogen, it is prohibited to use permanent magnets without protection coating. The reason is that the sorption of hydrogen will destroy the microstructure of the magnet and lead to the deconstruction of the magnetic properties. The only way to protect the magnet effectively is to enclose the magnet in a case and seal it.

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Safety principle for manual operation of permanent magnet