Quality warranty

1) Quality management of SmCo permanent magnetic product has been approved by the China electronic component quality system (i.e. China military standard approval),GB/T9001-ISO9001 quality system, IECQ international electrotechnics committee quality assessing system, China national Exp. & Imp. Enterprise approving committee.

2) The sintered permanent magnet made from rare earth alloy is bristle, especially for the SmCo permanent component, for which the crack slimmer than a hair thread or crack brim is easy to occur. But this phenomenon wonĄŻt influence the magnetic properties and mechanical characteristics greatly. For NdFeB permanent magnet, cracks are not very familiar.

3) Under the proper processing technic condition,the magnetized permanent magnetic component is usually adhered with little magnetic dust and small chips. To avoid this phenomenon, we could wipe them off manually and packed the component individually. To do this, the lead-time will be longer and the cost will be higher.

4) For the final inspection of permanent magnet, we usually adopt standard sampling method. Our sampling inspection is as per the National military standard GJB179A,inspection level class 2,AQL1.5.

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Quality warranty

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