Purchasing Guide

1) Permanent magnetic component is not a  standard  mechanical component , but a functional component. It is generally produced as per the customer's demand. So a certain process period is involved. The lead time is about 10-15 days.

2) In order to meet the urgent need, we keep the following rough semi-finished products in stock. You may choose among them according to your design requirement to save the production time.

Size(mm) Material Properties Quantity(pcs) Weight(kg)
62×41×27.5 XGS208/160 200 150
62×38×30 XGS208/160 50 30
Note:The magnetization direction is along the dimension in boldface,
example 27.5,30.

3)The maximum dimension of the magnet is 60mm,the maximum dimension in magnetization direction is 200mm;the minimum dimension of the magnet is 2mm. For small size, the waste during production is more, so the cost per unit weight is high.  Preferential size of the produc:

4) The products will be tested strictly as per relevant standard. Unless specified by the user, the discrepancy of the properties of the product is below 5%.For quality problem found by the user, please give reasons and return the products to us.

6) Shipment method: 1. express air mail, transit time 2~4days,2.EMS,transit time3~7days.3express transportation by train,transit time5~10days 4.normal mail service 5.>Normal transportation by train. The specific shipment method is decided by the order quantity and the price.

Inspection standard for permanent magnet

Purchasing Guide

Permanent magnet supply direction

Surface protection and surface coating for the permanent magnet

Quality warranty

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