We are moving ahead with the aim of producing more advanced, more practical and more competitively-priced magnetic products. We keep close track of the ever-changing trends in the industry, with the objective of spearheading our company in the market and promoting flexible and rubber magnets as a tool for daily living.


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Feature products

magnetic roll

Magnetic roll

Can be made into different shapes, such as long strip, slim strip, ring, pore plate, large sheeting etc...
magnetic sheet

Magnetic sheet

Plastic and rubber magnetic roll, plastic and rubber magnetic sheet
magnetic strip

Magnetic strip

It has very soft surface and will not hurt the surface of refrigerator or other metal surface
magnetic compound

Magnetic compound

The magnetic compound for calendering can be directly made the flexible magnetic sheets by rolling
multi-pole ferrite ring

Radial Multi-pole Ring

High efficiency magnetic ring is the core part of permanent magnet synchronous motors, stepping motors
epoxy magnet

Epoxy magnet

There is a drops-glue bulge to protect the printing, bringing a 3-dimensional effect and good hand feel
magnetic writing board

Writing board

Magnetic writing board providing a thin, lightweight, durable writing board, Available with pen and eraser
2D injection magnet

2D injection-Magnet

It is very suitable to make company logos, tour souvenirs and collection purpose

we have a variety of magnets